Learn everything you need to kickstart your journey towards better gut health – in a way that is sustainable, enjoyable and manageable with your busy lifestyle! Receive all the tools you need to fuel your healthy gut microbes and support your overall health goals. 

What Does the Program Include?

Meal Plans

4-weeks of complete meals plans designed to improve gut health. Diet plan incorporates the Gut Healthy Dietitian approach to supporting gut health. Meal plans include: 

  • 3 meals and 2 snacks per day, with recipes
  • Easy, satisfying and quick (30-minutes or less!) meals 
  • Kid and family-friendly meals 
  • Weekly grocery lists with substitution suggestions 
  • Plant point totaller to track your daily plant points! 
Meal plans incorporate a diversity diet Mediterranean-style approach to supporting gut health and managing inflammation. 


Weekly education session hosted by a gut-specialist Registered Dietitian. Education topics include: 

  • the diversity diet for gut health
  • prebiotics and probiotics: everything you need to know 
  • anti-inflammatory diet fundamentals 
  • managing lifestyle factors to support gut health (sleep, stress, alcohol and exercise)

All education sessions will include a question-and-answer portion where you can ask your dietitian any of your nutrition questions.



Research shows that accountability and support are key markers of success in reaching goals. The Fuel Your Gut Program provides the guidance and support you need to implement long-term diet and lifestyle changes. The program includes: 

  • weekly check-in from your dietitian facilitator
  • weekly education and Q&A session 
  • access to a private group forum moderated by a gut-specialized registered dietitian for questions, support and guidance 

Is this program for me?

Do you want to support or improve your gut health, but you aren't sure what to do - or what that even means?

Everyone is talking about gut health. But it seems like many people don't actually understand what gut health is, why it's important, and what they can do to improve theirs. The Fuel Your Gut program was designed specifically to address this question - in a way that feels manageable, and enjoyable, without being overwhelming. Supporting your gut health goes back to basics. In Fuel Your Gut we use an anti-diet approach to get real results. Gut health is the foundation of our overall health. Supporting your gut health supports immunity, metabolism, prevention of chronic and autoimmune disease, and hormone regulation. And best of all? We focus entirely on ADDING foods into your diet...not restricting them!

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common questions

We specifically designed a program that we wanted ourselves. So much of the challenge around eating well is limited resources – time, energy, motivation etc., rather than a lack of knowledge. This program aims to remove those barriers, allowing you to fuel your body with delicious and gut-friendly meals, in order to meet your health and wellness goals. 

The cost of the program is $250 per participant. This includes 4-weeks of meal plans and grocery lists, as well as 4 weekly education sessions and weekly accountability correspondence. 

We do not offer direct billing to insurance providers. However, if you have private insurance benefits for dietitian or nutritionist you can submit the cost of the program for reimbursement. All participants will be provided an official receipt with the registration number of their facilitator. 

Each education session will be 60-minutes long. This includes a 30-minute education presentation followed by a 30-minutes Q&A. Education sessions are typically offered at 8pm on weeknights and will be recorded for viewing after if you are unavailable. 

How frequently we run the program will depend on need. Let us know you are interested by joining the wait list! We will aim to offer the program monthly. 

Email with any questions!