Meet Our Team – Gut Health Dietitian Services

Kelsey Russell-Murray, RD, MSc

Kelsey, founder of Gut Healthy Dietitian

Hi, I’m Kelsey!

In 2020 I founded Gut Healthy Dietitian. What originally launched as a solo virtual private practice has expanded to a team of four dietitians offering virtual services, as we as in-person clinic on campus at Western Dietitian. I am so excited about the future of Gut Healthy Dietitian.

I truly believe that our gut health is the foundation to our overall health. After working in the hospital for so many years I recognize that our health is our most valuable commodity, and without health, nothing else matters. I am passionate at helping not only those with diagnosed health conditions, but also those who are simply wanting to live their best and most healthy lives.

I have an Honours Bachelor of Science in Nutrition as well as a Graduate Diploma of Integrated Dietetic Internship from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia. I also completed a Master of Science degree in Rehabilitation through McMaster University in 2020, focusing the majority of my research on the impact of our gut microbiome on our health.

As a practicing Registered Dietitian my goal is to provide innovative and effective nutrition education and intervention in a way that is easy to implement into your lifestyle. I focus on making sustainable, long-term changes that don’t feel restrictive or ‘diet-like’. Most of all, I believe in providing realistic recommendations that work for you, and the importance of collaboration between the dietitian and client.

In my (limited) spare time, you can find me spending time with my wife and two young sons, playing sports, reading and travelling.

If you’re wondering if we can help you, please contact me at and we can work together to determine if Gut Healthy Dietitian services are the right fit for you.

Nicole Duguay, RD, BSc

Hi! I’m Nicole. 

Nicole, dietitian at Gut Healthy Dietitian

My philosophy in nutrition is to meet each individual where they are at, and to work together as a team to create impactful and sustainable changes that improve their overall nutrition and quality of life. Nutrition is not one-size-fits-all! 

I have experience in counselling related to general and specified gut health/nutrition (IBS/IBD/SIBO), nutrition in chronic illness (diabetes, cardiovascular health, cancer, etc.), nutrition in the lifecycle and in disordered eating. I am passionate about nutrition for kiddos and helping you teach them how to develop a health relationship with food. I LOVE to learn and you can rest assured that the nutrition advice I am providing you is evidence based and up-to-date. 

My education background includes the completion of a bachelor’s in nutrition at Brescia University College in London, Ontario followed by a year long internship program with placement at several hospitals in the London/St. Thomas area. I am a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario. I am currently working on completing a Master’s degree in rehabilitation science through McMaster University. 

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending my time outdoors whether it be for hiking, gardening or just enjoying the fresh air.

Elyse Hodgins, RD, MAN

Elyse, dietitian at Gut Healthy Dietitian

Hi, I am Elyse, a Registered Dietitian looking forward to helping you meet your nutrition goals! I obtained a Bachelor of Applied Science and Master of Applied Nutrition (MAN) degree from the University of Guelph and am a current member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

Nutrition is my passion and I have experience in several sectors including Long Term Care, Nutrition Management, and Public Health. I am committed to using an evidenced-based approach to nutrition counselling and strive to deliver individualized advice to meet my client’s needs. My goal is to work with clients to identify their nutrition goals and offer realistic advice to fit their lifestyle. I have a particular interest in chronic disease management such as diabetes and kidney disease, as well as gut health disorders. I am committed to being a lifelong learner and look forward to expanding my knowledge in all things nutrition & health related.

Other interests of mine include cooking, baking, reading, running, and relaxing with my friends and family.

Natalie Topp, RD, MScFN

Natalie, dietitian at Gut Healthy Dietitian, chopping vegetables

Hi, I’m Natalie! 

I am a newly practicing Registered Dietitian with a specific interest in primary care and public health. I am a Brescia graduate from both my Bachelor of Science in Foods and Nutrition and Master of Science in Foods and Nutrition degrees. Throughout my practicum, I gained experience in inpatient, outpatient, private practice, and family health team environments working with patients diverse in background, age, and nutrition conditions. I have an interest in gut health, as well as the prevention and management of chronic disease from a nutrition perspective. I am currently a member of the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

I recognize that there are many factors that influence our nutrition choices and strive to make personalized recommendations that meet my client’s individual and lifestyle needs. I have a passion for teaching food skills and empowering individuals to have confidence in the kitchen. I love finding ways to make nutrition accessible, convenient, sustainable, tasty, and fun! 

Other interests of mine including spending time outdoors, growing my own garden, being active by trying new sports, cooking, baking, canning, and developing my own recipes.