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All consultations are held virtually allowing you to get help no matter where you are.
Services at Western U can be held in-person.

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Sessions & packages

Lifestyle changes take time, and accountability is key to success. We strongly recommend our nutrition service packages for ongoing support while implementing any significant dietary change.

Living in Ontario? Ontario residents may be eligible to receive coverage of dietitian services through their benefits. Contact your provider to inquire.
All prices are in CAD.

We can accept clients from both Canada and internationally, however, our Dietitians are only registered to practice dietetics in the province of Ontario.

Single sessions

Initial Session: $160

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Includes a detailed review of health history, wellness goals and a complete written nutrition care plan

follow-up Session: $80

  • 30-minute follow-up session
  • Review of nutrition goals, progress and barriers to success

Nutrition Packages

30-day package: $225

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Complete written nutrition care plan
  • 30-minute follow up session

60-day package: $375

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Two 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Complete written nutrition care plan
  • Weekly accountability check-in

90-day package: $500

  • 60-minute initial consultation
  • Four 30-minute follow-up sessions
  • Complete written nutrition care plan
  • Custom 1-week meal plan (if appropriate based on goals)
  • Weekly accountability check-in

6-month custom package: $1000

  • 6-month nutrition counselling and monitoring package customized based on individual client’s needs and goals
  • Focus on long-term accountability to ensure success of nutrition goals and interventions
  • ‘Dietitian-in-your-pocket’ services: routine access to a dietitian for day-to-day questions and suggestions
  • Includes:
    • 60-minute initial consultation
    • Five (5) 30-minute follow-up sessions
    • Comprehensive written nutrition care plan
    • Custom 1-week meal plan (if appropriate based on goals)
    • 6-months of accountability monitoring

Meal plans

Custom 4-week meal plan: $250

  • 30-minutes dietitian consultation to review nutrition goals, allergies/intolerances and dietary preferences
  • 4-week custom meal plan supporting dietary goals

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