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Clinical supervision is a way to support dietitians through professional development within a supportive relationship. Dietitians often work in silos, as the only dietitian at their workplace, which can lead to a lack of support and direction, especially at early stages in your career. More and more dietitians are pursuing independent practice and opening their own virtual or in-person practice. While amazing, starting your own private practice can be overwhelming, particularly if you are a new dietitian.

Through clinical supervision, we share clinical, organizational, developmental, and emotional experiences in a secure and confidential environment. This helps promote high ethical standards and develop clinical expertise, and address client issues in an objective manner.

Choosing to pursue clinical supervision will allow you to reflect, learn and grow in skills and confidence as a dietitian. Supervision will be offered virtually (via a secure platform) and individually (1:1).

Clinical Supervision

Why Me?

All clinical supervision will be offered by Kelsey Russell-Murray, the founder of Gut Healthy Dietitian. With ten years of clinical experience as a Registered Dietitian, I have worked in all clinical areas, including hospital, family health team (outpatient counselling), home care and long-term care. Additionally, I have founded a successful private practice that offers both virtual and in-person services, employees a growing number of Registered Dietitians, and continue to expand.

I have experience in a vast range of nutrition conditions and clinical situations. I can provide clinical expertise and help guide you through strengthening your clinical skills and knowledge, as well as inform you of valuable resources and networking opportunities. My aim in providing supervision is to improve both your confidence and your clinical skills and knowledge. I will provide honest and genuine feedback and guidance and allow you to direct the focus of your supervision.

General Clinical Supervision (1 hour) or Dietitian Coaching

  • 60-minute 1:1 virtual session
  • Student to direct the focus of the session whether it is business coaching related to launching or running a private practice/dietitian business or clinical supervision to provide guidance to clinical dietitians
  • Price: $120 CAD per session

Case-Specific Supervision (30-minutes)

  • 30-minute session focused on working through a specific challenging case(s) together
  • Also available as a follow-up to dietitian business coaching
  • Price: $65 CAD per session

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